Superintendent of Public Instruction 

If there's one word that defines Cindy Hill, it's most certainly the word "committed." Throughout her life, Cindy’s choices and experiences show her genuine commitment to children.   Cindy life’s work has been dedicated to children.   She emulates the strong commitment that Wyoming people place on the well-being of the future of our state.

The youngest daughter of four girls, Cindy Hill spent her early years in Newcastle.  Her family moved to Rawlins her sixth grade year and then to Wheatland her seventh grade year where she completed her secondary education.  Cindy’s mother continues to live in Wheatland, but, sadly, Cindy’s father passed away about four years ago. 

Cindy met her husband, Drake, in college.  Shortly following their graduation from the University of Wyoming, they were married.  Drake began law school immediately after they were married.  They regarded law school as a joint enterprise—as they were in it together.  Within their family, law school is described as “when we were in law school.”   These were lean times, but they were also some of the best years of their lives.   At this time, Cindy began her teaching career.  Their son, Drew, was born in Laramie during their third year of law school.   (Like his parents, Drew became a UW graduate this spring.)  After law school, the Hill family moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Cindy took her Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan in educational policy and administration.

When Cindy, Drake, and Drew are not out listening to voters across the state about their concerns, the Hill family, along with their golden retrievers, Red and Blondie, enjoy entertaining and gardening at their home in Cheyenne.  They celebrate their friendships with food and laughter around the fireplace in their back yard every chance they get.

Cindy’s experience in education combines both private and public sector work.  After earning her teaching credentials, Cindy began working with students in treatment facilities.  This educational calling required a great deal of collaboration between students’ families, neighborhood schools, therapists, and members of the legal system.   After earning her Master’s Degree and after 15 years in the private sector and working with students in treatment facilities, Cindy was ready to take on public education.   For nearly nine years Cindy served as a junior high school principal in a school of nearly 1,200 students.  Cindy worked alongside students, parents, and teachers in the classrooms to develop, pilot, and enact logical, data-driven school improvements that grew children—and public education.

For 24 years, Cindy’s focus has been on improving educational outcomes for students through instructional leadership.  Listening to teachers, and with the greatest respect for those on the front lines, Cindy’s focus has always been on best practices and actively leading school improvement initiatives.  Cindy creates student-centered educational environments that cannot be deterred by the desires of those who sometimes forget that children are the reason that public schools exist. Throughout her distinguished career, she has always been committed to growing each student who walks through the classroom door because she knows that each student is someone’s precious child who deserves every possible advantage and opportunity.  Through her ardent and unwavering focus on students, Cindy has a unique set of skills and practical experience in growing kids and improving schools.


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